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Registration Guideline

Chang Gung University, Taiwan

Registration Guideline for Spring Semester, 2021


1. Every new student MUST complete the Registration before the semester starts.

2. All the payment slips can be paid at the Post Office CGU branch/ CGMH branch in cash after you arrive in Taiwan. Those failing to complete

registration as required shall have their acceptance to the university rescinded and will not be allowed to require any remedial measures in any


3. Required documents for degree students: original passport and its photocopy; original degree certificate and transcripts.

4. For the information on ARC, work permit, insurance, please visit https://oia.cgu.edu.tw/p/412-1015-2882.php?Lang=en

5. In order to complete your registration, please submit the registration form to the Registry Section or the Graduate Students Section before the 5 March , 2021. (If you do not submit this form, the registration is not completed.)


Other Important Issues:

1. Online course selection:

Start Date

End Date

1. Preliminary Selection

(degree-seeking students only)

February 17(9 AM)

February 18 (5 PM)

2. Add/Drop Courses

February 22(9 AM)

March 5(5 PM)

3. Add Courses

March 8(9AM)

March 12(5 PM)

Note: Visit the Office of Academic Affairs for the instruction s or contact Ms. Chien directly ext. 5981, if you have any questions.

2. Chinese Placement Interview February 26 ( Friday), 2021.

Time: 8:10AM–10:00PM

Place: C0106, 1F, 2nd Medical Science Building

(1) All new international degree students receiving CGU tuition fee or dormitory fee waiver (except students of Reconstructive Microsurgery

program & SUTD students) must take Basic Chinese course (Chinese I for Master s program; Chinese I & II for PhD program) from the first


(2) The interview is a one on one conversation that helps the Chinese lecturer determine the appropriate level for the student.