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Registration Guidelines for Spring Semester, 2024


  1. All new students MUST complete the Registration within the first 2 weeks of the semester. The Office of International Affairs (OIA) will assist you in completing the Health Examination, online registration and tuition & miscellaneous fee payments (dormitory and insurance fees are included in the same payment slip).
  2. Payment slips will be sent via email and can be paid in cash at the Post Office CGU Branch upon your arrival in Taiwan. If you are unable to attend the Registration, please notify the OIA in advance via email. Failure to fulfil the registration requirements may result in the withdrawal of your acceptance, and no remedial measures will be available for any reason. 
  3. Required documents for degree students:
    (1) original passport
    (2) original degree certificate and transcripts (not required for exchange students)
    (3) authenticated degree certificate and transcripts (not required for exchange students)

Date: February 16 (Friday)


  1. Orientation Session:
Time 10:00 AM
Venue Computer Lab # 3, Management Building
  1. Collect the Registration Form and documents.
  2. Introduction to Campus Information System (iCGU), Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), Work Permit, Group Medical Insurance & National Health Insurance.
  3. Campus tour: Locations of main administrative offices and facilities.
  4. Collect your Student ID Card: After completing all Registration steps, bring your registration form to the Academic Affairs Office.
    Note: The Health Care Section will first approve the health examination step on the registration form, as the OIA will arrange the Health Exam for you after obtaining the ARC.
  1. Health & Mental Health Examination:
Time Will be arranged by OIA
Venue Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Taoyuan Branch)
Health Examination:
Do not eat or drink before the health examination.
Exam Details:
(1) Date: Approximately one week after receiving the ARC.
(2) Fee: Approximately NT$2000 (varies by hospital).
(3) If you've had an x-ray exam within the last 3 months (mandatory for Resident Visa application), send a scanned copy of the authenticated X-ray report via email to OIA for exemption.
(4) For more Health Examination information, please visit here.

Mental Health Examination:
(1) Complete the online Attentive Inventory of Mental Health (Log in with student ID Number).
(2) Read the Instructions on Mental Health Examination (before filling out the test).
(3) Results will be discussed during the Mental Health Workshop.

Exam Details
(1) Fee: Free for CGU students (to enhance mental well-being and current stress levels).
(2) Personal information disclosed during the examination will remain confidential unless a self-harm situation arises; the school counselor will contact you in such cases.
(3) For any inquiries about the Mental Health Examination, contact Ms. Chu of the Student Counseling Section at 03-2118800 #2037
  1. Mental Health Workshop:
Time 12:30 PM
Venue Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Student Activity Center
(1) In this workshop, we will explain the results of the Mental Health Examination and introduce CGU’s counseling resources. Following this, enjoyable activities will help establish connections and address common challenges  encountered by international students.
(2) Free Lunch will be provided before the event; kindly specify your meal preference by completing the Google form before February 15 (Thursday).

Relevant Information:

  1. Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) Application: for Resident Visa holders only
OIA will email you with document submission timelines, ARC Application form, and checklist.
Resident Visa holders MUST apply for ARC within 15 days of arriving in Taiwan, taking responsibility for any registration delay and potential ARC overdue penalties.
(3) The application won't be accepted if required documents are missing or if the photo does not meet the requirements.
(4) OIA will collect the ARC card for new international students in Taoyuan City; residents in other cities must collect the ARC themselves.
(5) Starting from the 2nd academic year, students MUST apply for an ARC extension online and collect the ARC themselves.
(6) For more information, please visit here.
  1. Online Course Selection:
  Instructions Date & Time
Add & Drop Courses Here February 19 - March 1
9 AM to 5 PM
Add Courses (with instructor’s approval)  Here March 4 - March 8
9 AM to 5 PM
(1) Contact Mr. Cheng of the Academic Affairs Office (ext. 5981) at yubimilk@mail.cgu.edu.tw
(2) Course withdrawal (maximum 1 course) after the Add & Drop Courses deadline requires submission of the Course Withdrawal Form to the Academic Affairs Office.
  1. Chinese Course:
Mandatory for CGU Scholarship recipients:

All CGU Scholarship recipients (PhD and Master's Program) are required to take one Chinese course during their first year.

Course Codes:

Basic Chinese (I): GE0021
Basic Chinese (II): GE0022
Basic Chinese (III): GE0023

Seek advice from the teacher to choose the right level for you to take.
  1. SIM card options:
    Consider purchasing a SIM card in your home country, explore choices on platforms like KKDay, or acquire one at Taoyuan Airport (Terminal 1 or Terminal 2).