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Registration Guideline for Fall Semester, 2022


  1. Every new student MUST complete the Registration within 2 weeks after the semester starts. Office of International Affairs will assist you to complete the Health Examination, online registration and tuition & miscellaneous fee payment (accommodation fee and insurance fee are included in the same payment slip).
  2. All the payment slips will be sent via email and can be paid at the Post Office CGU Branch in cash after you arrive in Taiwan. If you are unable to attend the Registration, please send the leave application form to the OIA via email in advance. Those failing to complete registration as required shall have their acceptance to the university rescinded and will not be allowed to require any remedial measures for any reason. 
  3. Required documents for degree students: original passport, original degree certificate and transcripts (not required for exchange students).  


  1. CGU Health Examination: September 7 (Wednesday)


8:30 AM. Please report to the registration desk on-site to collect the procedure forms.


Indoor Stadium, 3rd Floor, Student Activity Center


  1. The examination fee (NT$ 1,000) is paid at the Post Office (Chang Gung University Branch) before the health examination.
  2. If you have done an x-ray exam within the past 3 months (one of the required items for health certificate for resident visa application), please send a scan of the report (authenticated version) prior to CGU Health Examination to OIA. Then you will be exempted from the x-ray exam. However, there is no refund of the exempted items.
  3. Please read the attached “Instructions on Health Examination”.
  4. Do not have breakfast (eat or drink) before the health examination.

  1. CGU Mental Health Examination: 


From September 1 (Thursday) to September 30(Thursday) 


There’s an online psychological test on https://aimh.epc.ntnu.edu.tw/

Please go Attentive Inventory of Mental Health to start the test.


  1. The psychological test is mean to help you understand your mental well-being, your current stress state, and it’s free for all CGU students.
  2. The personal information you fill out won’t be revealed to anyone unless self-harm situation. In this situation, school counselor will reach you first.
  3. Please read Instructions on Mental Health Examination”.
  4. If there’s any question about this psychological test, please contact Mrs. Chu of Guidance & Counseling Section (03-2118800 #2034).

3. Orientation: to be decided  (視疫情及學生抵台狀況辦理,暫不公布)

Time & Venue

To be decided


  1. Collect the Registration Form and other documents.
  2. Introduction to CGU’s Information System, Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), work permit, group medical insurance and National Health Insurance.
  3. Campus tour: locations of the main administrative offices and facilities.
  4. Student ID card: after completing all the steps on the Registration Form, please submit it back to Graduate Studies Section or Registry Section to collect your student ID card. 

Other Important Issues:  

  1. Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) Application: resident visa holders only


  1. The OIA will notify you when to submit the required documents.
  2. Resident Visa holders must apply for ARC within 15 days of arrival in Taiwan. The student should bear his/her own risk for delaying registration and ARC overdue penalty.
  3. Application form and checklist will be provided with the Registration Form.
  4. OIA will collect the ARC card for the new international students living in Taoyuan City only. If you live in other cities, please collect the card by yourself.
  5. The application will not be accepted if there are any required documents missing or your photo doesn’t meet the requirements.
  6. From the second academic year, students need to apply for ARC extension online ,and collect the ARC by themselves.
  7. If you need to apply before or after the above dates, please contact the OIA.
  8. Please visit here for more information.  
  1. Online Course Selection:

Start Date

End Date

(1) Preliminary Selection (degree students only)

September 1(9 AM)

September 6 (5 PM)

(2) Add/Drop Courses(instructions)

September 12 (9 AM)

September 23 (5 PM)

(3) Add Courses(instructions)

September 26 (9 AM)

September 30 (5 PM)


  1. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Cheng of the Academic Affairs Office (ext. 5981). 
  2. If you wish to withdraw from a course after the official add/drop deadline (maximum 1 course), please submit the course withdrawal form to Academic Affairs Office between November 14 and 18.
  1. Chinese Placement Interview: September 16 (Friday)

Time & Venue

8:10 AM– 12 PM / C0106, 1F, 2nd Medicine Building


  1. New international students receiving CGU’s scholarship or grants must take Basic Chinese course(華語). Students in Master’s program must take Chinese 1 in the first semester; students in PhD program must take Chinese 1 in the first semester and Chinese 2 in the second semester. Course codes: GE0014 for Basic Chinese (I), GE0015 for Basic Chinese (II) and GE0019 for Basic Chinese (III).
  2. The interview is a one-on-one conversation that helps the instructor determine the appropriate level for you.  
  3. Please select the course online between 9 AM, September 12 and 5 PM, September 23.